Yacht Tracking and Control System


Your yacht is safe and within your control through yachttrek.

WhYTScreen1y yachttrek?

Yachttrek allows you to sit back and relax with its ease of control. You don’t need to worry about your yacht safety anymore! If any problem occurs yachttrek will let you know with SMS and / or E-mail. Yachttrek will be your eyes and ears on the yacht with its sensors and components.

By using  yachttrek  software, users are able to do following operations;   •

  • Near real-time or offline tracking,
  • Reporting,
  • Listing alarm messages or monitoring the actual status,
  • Remote controling of alarms and more.

How does the System Work?

Based on GPS positioning,  yachttrek calculates the position, speed, direction etc. data  and transmits to Operation Center Server via GSM GPRS or Satellite communication channels,  also displays on screen if LCD control panel is available on the yacht.

Users can access to Monitoring & Control Center with their user name and password which are provided within the basic set. After a successful log-in, users are able to execute some functions like monitoring the yacht, listing alarms, displaying reports and so on.

System can be expanded by adding various sensors and components according to the user needs.  Measurement of inside / outside temperature, relative humidity etc. or detection of movement, fire,  door entry etc. are some of the customization options for system.


Basic Set

  • Yachttrek Main Unit
  • External GPS Antena
  • Power Cable
  • User Manuel
  • Tracking Application Username / Password

Optional sensors & components

  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Door sensor (magnetic)
  • Motion sensor
  • Bilge sensor
  • Smoke sensor

In addition to these components, below functions can also be added;

  • Battery Voltage Measurement
  • NMEA Integration to Existing Electronic Navigation Equipment
    • Wind Speed, Direction – Lags Speed – Depth
    • Engine details
  • Satellite Communication

GSM Quad Band GPRS Class 10
GSM Output Power Class 4 (2W) @ 850/900 MHz Class 1 (1W) @ 1800/1900
GSM MHz Sensitivity -107 dBm @ 850/900 MHz -106 dBm @ 1800/1900
GSM MHz GPRS data  GPRS Class 10 Mobile Station class B Coding scheme 1 to 4
Supply Voltage 12 – 24V DC
Memory Integrated
Operating Temperature   -15 C  -+55 C
inputs / Outputs 1 x NMEA Input – Sensor Inputs – Digital Inputs – Digital Outputs
GPS Antena  Extornal
Other  Internal Battery Durable Housing

The yachttrek tracking and control solution has various sensor and component options that fit user needs. By integrating these sensors and components, users can have the following system specifications;

Offline Tracking, Web based monitoring software Alarms

  • Inside zone alarm
  • Outside zone alarm
  • Speed limit alarm
  • Fire alarm
  • Movement detection alarm and so on.


  • Temperature report
  • Humidity report
  • Engine status report
  • Zone enterance / leaving report
  • Door entry report
  • Speed report
  • Movement detection report
  • Fire detection report and so on