About Us

Affiliated to the IALA on 2012, i-Marine Marine Technologies and Research Inc. is the leading marine electronics manufacturer in Turkey with the focus of Maritime Management and Monitoring Systems. By having own AIS engine, i-Marine offers a wide product portfolio covering AIS Transponders, AIS Receivers, AIS Shore Station, AIS AtoN Stations etc. where all are integrated via i-SEA Platform.

iMarine Product Family 2

By using the benefits of advanced AIS technology, a strong tool for authority in terms of reliability of navigational aids and compatibility with developing e-navigation system is provided. Full functions of the system can be accessed via any computer (after necessary security credentials are proved) by using web enabled management software. Electronic Navigation Charts are used as application base, which makes it possible to work on a layered map that can be updated. The information of navigational aid, vessel traffic in the AIS range and sensor data collected in the system are logged in a safe structure where they can be used for multiple purposes and intentional reports can be generated later. This data can be converted to different forms of information that may also be used in planning or for risk assessment.