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IALA Membership Renewed


i-Marine Technologies and Research Inc. is now officially a member of International Association of Lighthouse Authorities – IALA

The 35th International Istanbul Boat Show has launched at Marinturk Istanbul City Port.

This year, i-Marine is presenting new Yacht Tracking & Control System (YachtTrek) and e-Nav Display

at İstanbul Boat Show between 6 – 11 October



The YachtTrek (Yacht Tracking and Control System) solution allows owners to remotely locate and monitor their yachts on 7/24 basis. Yacht  position can be seen on the electronic charts via internet application following the installation of GSM/GPRS integrated main unit and the sensors which are selected according to the user needs. Fire, smoke, movement, door openings, full bilge etc. alarms can be delivered via SMS, web application or e-mail.


The multi-touch 10″ e-Nav display differentiate with easy-to-use interface and GPRS based information servicesSome leading functions of the in-house developed application software are; over-the-air (OTA) software updateweather / sea forecast notifications, compatibility with Turkey AIS utilization and Search & Rescue (SAR) message support

Visit i-Marine booth C14a for further information and live demonstrations of Yachttrek and e-Nav Display.

 YachtTrek Logo 2i-ais-LCD10-EN-2




IALA Workshop

Between 8 – 12 October 2012, we were in IALA Workshop on short range Aids to Navigation in Brest / France.

IALA Exhibition

Between 25-31 May 2014, we were in 18th IALA Conference and Exhibition area in A Coruna – Spain.